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I know it’s not winter yet but it’s pretty close and I’m pretty excited. In summer, the most clothing we can wear is probably just shorts and a t-shirt or a blouse.  I love winter so much is because you can dress up more. What I mean by this, is that you can wear more clothing/layers (that sounds a bit weird :P) like coats, scarfs, jackets, sweaters etc. This is why I love winter (don’t hate me because I like winter more than summer :P)Here are some of winter items that I believe should be a must have for this winter season:

The Anorak

This is currently one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. Since military seems to be a trend that is going on, an anorak is perfect for this winter. It is also a great way to dress up or dress down an outfit  For example, you can dress down a dressy LBD by wearing the anorak or dress up jeans and a plain basic t-shirt with an anorak. I really recommend buying an anorak because although military is a current trend, it is a timeless piece that can be worn for everyday use and it will also keep you substantially warm.

Sweaters/Knit Wear!

Words cannot describe the love i have for warm, winter sweaters :P. Sweaters are great because they not only keep you warm (duh!) but they are super comfortable – especially oversized ones. Sweaters are also extremely versatile. You can keep it casual by pairing it with jeans and flats, get a preppy look by wearing a buttoned up collar blouse under it or dress it up by wear the sweater with skirts and heeled ankle boots. Also, sweaters/knit wear comes in so many different patterns, colours and styles. So no matter what style you have, there is a sweater for you.



This classic piece is perfect for winter.  Coats will never go off-trend and will keep you extra warm and toasty. There are many different styles of coats, for example the cape, the pea or the trench coat. Simply put your coat on and you are ready to face the winter cold.

Dark Coloured Jeans

This doesn’t simply mean black, it also means dark hues of colours such as red, blue and yellow. During winter, we tend to dress in greys and blacks. Black is probably the main colour jeans you would wear in winter but by wearing coloured jeans, you will instantly liven up your outfit and maybe even your mood :) I love incorporating colour into my winter outfits because it just makes the outfit a whole lot more interesting and lively.

Ankle Bootie

Ankle booties have been in trend for winter for a long time now. Ankle booties are great for this season because they are very cute and also can be worn with almost every outfit. You can wear it with more of a dressy outfit, by pairing it wil a dress or skirt or keep it casual by pairing it with jeans and a comfy knit. Ankle booties also comes in many different styles and colours, you can get leather or suede, flat or heeled, black or brown, studded or plain etc. Having a pair of ankle booties is great because you can wear them for many winters to come :).


A skirt is perfect for any season. Wear you skirt with cute tights, a comfy knit, flats or boots and a stylish jacket and scarf to make a feminine and cute winter outfit.

Comfy Flats

It is important that you have a pair of sturdy and comfortable pair of flats. Flats are a must have for this winter season (and for all seasons) because it matches with anything and is perfect for any occasion. My flats are my instant go-to shoes. Whenever i have to go somewhere I wear my flats because they are comfy and go with any outfit. Probably most of you are use to wearing your thongs (flip-flops) whenever you go out, but this winter I recommend wearing flats because it will keeps your feel warmer and it looks more chic and stylish.

Nude Scarf

I promise you, a nude-coloured scarf will go with anything. It is great to wear to give you that extra warmth. I recommend getting a scarf that is knitted so it will be warmer and comfortable.

Cute Patterned Tights

Stop wearing those simple, plain black tights and go for something a little bit more daring. Patterned tights will  make your outfit more interesting. Yes, black tights are still great to wear but maybe wear a pair of patterned tights once in a while :). Just be careful when choosing a print/pattern to not be tacky.

Dark/Deep Red Lipstick

Dark lip colours have been a trend for winter for the past couple of years. I am really loving the plum and the deep red colours for the winter season. I don’t know why dark colours are popular in the winter but I just think these colours look beautiful with winter outfits :)

Yummy Hot Drinks

What is winter without those yummy, hot drinks? Be sure to keep warm by drinking  your favourite hot beverage all season round 😛

So there is my list of winter must haves 2013 (sorry if that was a bit long). Let me know what you think about winter fashion.

I hope all of you have a lovely winter. Stay warm…. and stylish :)

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xxJulia Donnarie

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