VINTAGE WAVES_coverHair tutorials are back! (yay). My camera finally got repaired so hopefully I will be able to get back into making DIY tutorials for you all.

Vintage inspired waves/curls are perfect for both everyday wear and formal occasions. I love the classic and sophisticated vibe vintage hairstyles give. It’s so timeless and elegant. There are many types of vintage waves/curls based on the eras. For example, for waves from the 1920s, think finger waves and flapper girls.  Here is some pictures that inspired this tutorial look:VINTAGE WAVES_collage inspirationFor 1950s, think classic Hollywood actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. For this look we wanted a mix of various eras, a bit of the 1920s, a bit of the 50s. So with the help of my friend Abbie, I’m going to show you how to achieve vintage inspired waves that incorporates both finger waves and pin curls.

VINTAGE WAVES_intoIn this tutorial you will need …

Let’s get started …

1. Part your hair in 4 sections like this – the front sections and the back section, split into 2.VINTAGE WAVES_part hair

2. Start to curl your hair, I used the Muk Curling Stick (9-19mm barrel). Wrap your hair around the curling wand away from your face. Release hair from wand and roll it up towards your head. Use a bobby pin to pin it in place. The curls should be rolled inwards (if you get what i mean – refer to the pictures). And there you go, you are pin curling!

VINTAGE WAVES_curling stick

VINTAGE WAVES_curl collage

3. Continue to pin curl until every section is pinned. Your hair should look something like this. Spray a light veil of hair spray. VINTAGE WAVES_finish curl collage

4. Wait for a few minutes or until the curls have cooled down to let the curls set. Start to unpin your curls. Your hair should look something like a crazy poodle.

VINTAGE WAVES_tight curls

5. The curls will be pretty tight, so using a paddle brush, carefully brush out the curls. This will make it more 1950s and less like a poodle.

VINTAGE WAVES_brush curls

6. Section off the front section of your hair (or your fringe) and apply the mousse. I used the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Curl Flex Mousse. You may have to use a lot so that the wave can hold

7. Finger wave time! Start by forming a C shape  and insert the pin into the curve of the C.VINTAGE WAVES_make c shape

8. For the next curl, make a C shape in the opposite direction. Refer to the photo. Continue until you achieve the amount of wave you want. Just remember to insert the clip/pin in the con-caved part of the C shape.

VINTAGE WAVES_finger wave9. Apply heat if you want to speed up the processVINTAGE WAVES_blow dry

10. You can do it on the other side if you wish.

VINTAGE WAVES_finger wave 2

11. Once you have given a good amount of time for the waves to set, take out the clips and voila! finger waves.

VINTAGE WAVES_remove pins

12. Spray some hairspray and you’re done!

VINTAGE WAVES_hairspray done


So there it is, a cute and elegant vintage hairstyle. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try this look for occasions coming up. A huge thank you to Abbie for being my model and Annabel for helping.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

xx Julia Donnarie

p.s I hope you like the new header!

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