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I’m finally back from my trips to USA and Philippines and as promised here is a haul posts for everything I bought while on my trip. I will also put up some pictures and tell you a bit about my trips. Let’s start with my purchases from the USA…

While in the USA

  • I fell in love with Forever 21
  • Discovered that everything is cheaper (and bigger) 
  • I constantly asked for my lovely parents to top up my debit card
  • And, realised that shopping in USA is way better than Australia. There are just so many more brands, stores and ahh It’s just great. Quoted from my friend Rebecca (who came with me to the trip) “Once you’ve shopped in America, you will never be satisfied shopping in Australia”

USA HAUL_collage 1

From Left to Right
Dotted Spaghetti Strap Dress from Forever 21
Originally I wanted to get this dress in a bright and colourful tropical print but unfortunately, they had no more sizes. So instead I went searching around the store to find a dress with the same style. I love this style of dress because it’s lightweight, feminine, flattering and flowy. I finally found this black and white dotted version of the dress. I instantly loved it and realised that this colour/print is better because it’s more versatile and it can be used for both day and night.

Striped Stretch-Fit Crop Top  from Forever 21
This top was bought whileI was broke in Times Square. I literally had no money left but I just had to buy something from the pretty and big Forever 21 in Times Square. So I bought this cute striped crop top. Normally I wouldn’t go for cropped tops, but this one was so comfortable and I could easily wear it with a cute skater skirt of high waisted shorts without showing my midriff.

Sequined Tiger Top from Forever 21
I love love love this top because of the tiger. I think it’s such a cute a clever idea to make the tiger face out of sequins This top is so comfortable and I love that the sequins are matte, so it still shines in the light but not too much that it will blind your eyes.

USA HAUL_collage 2

From Left to Right
Cobalt Pointelle Sweater from American Eagle
When I walked into American Eagle, I thought I couldn’t buy anything because it’s quite expensive there but luckily there was a sale rack (score!). I found this knit on the sale rack of “take 50% of already reduced items”. I knew I had to get it. This knit is so comfortable, I absolutely love the colour and I could wear it here in Sydney (because it’s so cold here). I pretty much wear it all the time, and is my favourite knit of this winter.

I Love New York T-Shirt from Souvenir Shop in Times Square
How can you not go to New York and not buy a I heart NY shirt? Being the typical tourist, I bought an I heart NY shirt. It was one of my must-buy items for the trip because I just really wanted one. And it’s true I do heart NY (a lot!) 

Red INDIANA Hoodie from Indiana University Book Shop
This hoodie is the warmest, most comfortable hoodie ever.I practically wear this hood everyday to keep me warm during winter. I wear it on flights to keep me warm and comfortable, I wear it while doing my homework, I wear it going to the shops, yes I like to wear this hoodie all the time. It’s just to soft and feels like a blanket. I kinda regret not buying more hoodies.

Floral High Low Dress from Forever 21
I love this dress because of its print, the style, colours and that I just fitted really well. This dress is so feminine and perfect for a casual day out or a dinner at night. It’s so comfortable and the colours reflect summer and spring. Plus, I wore this dress for my sweet sixteen birthday dinner.

USA HAUL_collage 3

From left to right
Ganado Print Romper from Forever 21
This romper is adorable. I was told I had to buy it by my friends, and I think they were right. I love the vibrant colours and its print. This romper is so comfortable, you can move around in it and is perfect day outs. I also really like the fit and style of the romper.

Life in Progress™ Light Denim Skinny Jeans from Forever 21
This is by far the most comfortable denim jeans ever. It’s literally as comfortable as leggings. I’ve wanted light wash denim jeans for a while now, but I couldn’t find any that fitted right and were comfortable. These jeans were exactly what i was looking for. Note, these jeans did stretch a bit after I wore and washed them.

Striped 3/4 Sleeve Top from Forever 21
I have been looking for a basic striped top like this for the longest time and I was so happy when i found this. This sounds kinda weird, but when I found this on the rack, I felt so happy and felt like I found long lost treasure. This top is perfect for hot and cold climates and it’s just so versatile. You can pretty much match anything with it.

Floral Print Top from Forever 21
I loved this top so much, I bought it in a medium even though it was clearly too big for me. I know i’m not the only one who does this. I just love the colours and flowers on this top. The material is really lightweight, comfortable and soft.

ITEMS NOT PICTURED – Here are some of the other things I bought that I didn’t get to photograph

Tiffany & Co. Necklace from Tiffany & Co.
It was a dream come true to buy something from Tiffany & Co. 5th New York. It is the original Tiffany store and one of my favourite movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s iconic scene was shot there. Walking into the store was surreal, all the jewellery pieces were so beautiful and oh especially the Great Gatsby collection. I have decided, I want need my engagement ring from Tiffany 😛 I bought the famous Tiffany & Co. pendant with a chain. I was just really excited to get my own Tiffany necklace and little turquoise box.

Various Bath and Body Works Items from Bath and Body Works
Everything (well, almost everything) in Bath and Body Works smells amaaaazing. I just loved the candles. My favourites are the watermelon lemonade and sorbet scented candles. I bought the watermelon lemonade mini candle, multiple hand sanitisers and watermelon lip gloss. Mmmm I just want to go back to buy more yummy scented candles.

Various Items from Victoria Secret
Another place that had lots of amazing smelling things is Victoria Secret. I bought multiple lotions and body mist from Victoria Secret. The body mist I bought was Fabulous and Pure Seduction (my favourite) and the lotions are Mango Temptation, Bombshell and Pure Daydream. It’s so much cheaper to but Victoria Secret items than Australia.

So there is my haul for the USA. There are other things that I bought, but they are just souvenirs and food. Overall, I LOVE shopping in America. Ahh I love the shops, things are cheaper and there is just so much more variety. I wish I went to other stores like Brandy Melville and also I really do wish that Urban Outfitters was cheaper.

Oh, a HUGE thank you to Lieza for doing my makeup and being my photographer for the day. Be sure to like her facebook page, check out her youtube and blog 

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