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As you may have noticed, Bohemian styles have been extremely popular. Flowing maxi skirts, loose fitting blouses and bohemian prints have been ruling store front windows. The one bohemian piece that I have recently been loving is the boho blouse. I love the boho blouse because of its loose and (very) comfortable fit and fun designs. I especially love the ones with embroidered details and low neckline. It think the boho blouse is a great addition to your wardrobe as it is very easy to create outfits with and it can be incorporated into outfits for other seasons. With the transition of seasons happening right now in Australia, boho blouses are great to create outfits suitable for ‘in-between’ weather. The boho blouse gives a relaxed yet put together and elegant vibe to our outfit. Here, I will create 3 summer outfits for 3 different occasions…
Relaxed Vibes

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This look is perfect for a  warm weekend. Whether its a day at the beach or brunching with friends. In this outfit I paired this gorgeous blue and white boho blouse with classic denim cutoffs. I accessorised with a fun , embroidered clutch to add colour, simple and delicate jewellery, a fedora and comfortable espadrilles. This creates a perfect relaxed look. To create your own relaxed look with your boho blouse, pair it with simple shorts or skirt (denim is great!). Use simple accessories and comfortable shoes to complete the look. For slightly cooler weathers, pair your boho blouse with boyfriend jeans or relaxed rolled up jeans to keep it casual and comfortable.

2. Casual Cool

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.50.00 pmI think this outfit gives a very coachella-y vibe. This outfit is also perfect for those weekend outings, such as day at the markets or hanging out with your friends. I paired this neutral coloured-base top with classic denim cut-offs. I then accessorised with contrasting black accessories. For colder temperatures, either layer on a light-weight trench coat (like this one from Forever 21) or wear denim jeans. This top will also look great with jeans and booties. This top is very versatile because of its style and neutral colours.

3. Simple Elegance

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A boho top is not restricted for casual wear but can be easily incorporated into outfits for more fancier and formal occasions. Here I paired an off-the-shoulder top with a graphic pencil skirt. I really like the contrast between the loose fit of the top to the tight fit of the skirt. To add more formality and glam, i accessorised this outfit with pointed toe heels, a red clutch and simple white and gold accessories. This look is perfect for special events such as dinners, graduations, parties or even weddings. Add a coat to make it more suitable for the cooler weather.

A boho blouse is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. As you can see, it is highly versatile and comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m sorry for being away for so long. School has been crazy  and I’m really sad that I don’t have the time to work on this blog. Don’t worry, I did not forget my lovely readers. I am trying my best to post more, so stay tuned!

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xx Julia Donnarie

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