trend to try WHITE ON WHITE_donnarie1The white on white trend is a trend that has been ruling the runway for a while now. If you want a sleek, chic and minimal look, go try out the white on white  trend. Layering and pairing multiple white pieces creates a look that is sophisticated and polished for any occasion. You can rock this trend for everyday looks, dressed up occasions or for a professional event. I love this trend because it is a refreshing and stylish look for the summer and also can be worn easily.

Here are a few ways you can rock the white on white trend:

White White White (everything white)

TREND TO TRY_white on white3This is the ultimate way to wear the white on white trend. The key to combining multiple white pieces is to mix different textures. Since you can’t mix prints and colours, you can create interest to the outfit by combining various textures. In the outfit above, I combined a sheer button up top with a smooth surfaced skort. The juxtaposition between the two fabrics make the outfit more “engaging” rather than just a plain white “canvas”. Lace and leather is also a great combination for an all white outfit. Also the asymmetric hemline of the skort, the collar of the top and silver detailing on the heels also create interest within the outfit. When rocking the all white look, be careful to not look like a snowman or a painter. Also stay away from potential stains, you don’t want to stain this outfit.


TREND TO TRY_white on white1

If you’re feeling “hmm all white, too daring for me”, add some black details to have a more monochromatic look. We all know white and black is the classic, flawless colour combination. Although, still keep majority of the outfit white to stay in the white on white trend. Above I have paired white jeans with a white top that has black sleeves and a strip down the middle. I then matched it with these gorgeous peep toe heels with black detailing and a sleek white clutch. You can see here that I have kept this majority of the outfit white but added a bit of black to break up the white. This is a great way to wear the all white trend if you are a bit unsure about wearing a head-to-toe white outfit.


TREND TO TRY_white on white2

Still thinking that white on white is not for you? A great way to wear lots of white, but a little more subtly, is to wear it with pastels. You are still maintaining the fresh, polished look of white on white just with a bit of colour. If you wearing delicate pastel colours, it is not as prominent against the white as bright colours. In the outfit above, I have paired cropped jeans with a pastel yellow cropped top with lace detailing. I then matched it with various pastel pieces and white sunnies and nail polish to add more white to the outfit. Yes, this is not really white on white but this is a subtle and easier way to wear a majority white outfit if you are not that confident about  going full on white (I hope you get what I mean).

So there are three ways you can incorporate the white on white trend in your wardrobe. You can go head to toe white, white with some black detailing or white with splashes of pastel, depending on how comfortable about how much white you wear.

My personal favourite is the all white outfit. I think it’s so chic and sophisticated. I just love how you can mix different textures to create a stylish look while staying in the same colour.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. Go ahead and try out this trend for the upcoming summer!

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xx Julia Donnarie

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