TREN TO TRY_COVER PHOTO.jpgA button up shirt is a wardrobe must for everyone. They are effortlessly chic and they add structure and sophistication to any outfit. It rules street fashion and you can pretty much see the button up shirt make an appearance during any fashion event. You can dress it up or down. Button up shirts are perfect for this coming autumn/winter season. They’re great for layering of just simply wearing it by itself.

Here are some ways you can rock the button up shirt:

Casual Elegance


A button up shirt can make a casual outfit sophisticated and sleek. It is so easy to style a button up shirt. Don’t tuck the shirt into your skirt/jeans, unbutton a few buttons (not too much) and roll up the sleeves to create a more casual and laid back look. In the outfit above, I paired a basic white top with a maroon leather skirt. With this outfit you would want to leave the shirt untucked with sleeves rolled and some buttons undone. If you were to tuck in the shirt, the outfit will look more formal and dressy rather than casual. Finish the outfit off with some cute ankle booties, minimalistic jewellery, sunnies and a crossover bag.

Layer it Up

TREND TO TRY_THE BUTTON UP-1 A classic way to wear a button up top is to layer it under a sweater creating a sophisticated and preppy look. Layering button up tops can also create more warmth as well as add texture and dimension to an outfit. In the outfit above I layered a black sweater on top of a grey button up shirt and paired it with patterned trousers. Combining black and grey can make the outfit seem dull, so a pair of patterned trousers can add interest and a pop of colour to an outfit. . Wear a pair of flats, loafers or oxfords to make the look appear more casual. To make this look more dressed up, add a pair of patent, pointed stilettos. Since winter and autumn is all about layering, add another layer with structured outerwear such as a blazer or coat. This is great way to rock the button up shirt subtly.

Feminine, Romantic but still EdgyTREND TO TRY_THE BUTTON UP-3

If you’re a girl who has a more feminine and romantic style, pair a button up shirt with a long flowing maxi skirt. This softens the look of the structured shirt and it also creates a bohemian and romantic vibe to the outfit. If you want to toughen up this look a big, add a leather jacket and a pair of ankle booties, as shown above. Wear a floppy wool felt hat to complete the look. This outfit is great for colder weather as the leather jacket and long, maxi skirt will keep you nice and warm.

So there are 3 ways you can rock the button up shirt. Go buy yourself a good-quality button up shirt because it is a timeless, wardrobe must have, especially for the upcoming season.

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