A trend that is in at the moment here in Australia is pastel colours. Mint green, lavender purple, pale pink and sky blue are all pastel colours. I love the delicateness and the girly-ness that pastels colours bring to the outfit. Pastels are a great way to add colour to your wardrobe, make a statement and to add a touch of femininity and refreshing feel to an outfit.

How to wear pastels this winter*:

1. With Neutrals

You can never go wrong when it  comes to mixing pastels with neutrals. It is a polished look that is safe to try. A  pretty cream blouse with amazing mint jeans and neutral colour accessories will give an outfit that screams elegance, flirtatiousness and style. Neutrals and pastels are a classic combination. :)


2. With Other Pastels

Why not be a bit more girly to your outfit by combining pastels together? Wearing pastels with pastels are a fun and great way to add colour because it will not appear to bright, vibrant and confronting like bold colours. Be careful though when combining pastels not to go too overboard (so you don’t end up looking like a 4 year old or a grandma), make sure you only use a few pastel colours ( about 3 max.). In this outfit I stuck to a pale pink, mint and a cream colour. To not make your outfit to pastel-ly use add a subtle accent of bold colour like burgundy. :)


3. With Monochrome Colours (black and white)

Using pastel colours in your outfit doesn’t have to look so girly! You can ‘roughen’ up your look by using monochrome colours, especially black. To have a more ‘tougher’ look while still using pastels, wear the classic black pointed heels and match with black and gold accessories and a leather jacket. You will still look effortlessly stylish and chic with a touch of girly-ness! :)

So as you can see there are many ways to work with pastels. Go ahead and experiment with these colours this winter. Pastels are great!! :)

xx Julia Donnarie

(*NOTE i made all these collages by myself and styled these outfits using polyvore. To find out the details of each outfit visit my polyvore page:

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    i adore the first collage with the neutrals look :)

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    i love this post!! its AWESOME ! <3

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    i freaking love this set

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