Neons! Neons! Neons! I’m sure all of have seen this trend take over all the windows of fashion stores. Neon is everywhere and you can’t help but want to try the trend. I know some of you are very “mmm too bright and colourful, never can pull that off” (hehe i’m like this) so here is some simple way to incorporate this fun trend into your everyday wardrobe.

How to rock the Neon Trend:

1. Be Bold

A way you can work this neon trend is to BE BOLD!! It is definitely very out there and quite risky, but if you think you can pull it off, try it. Wearing neons with neons is how you can be bold but be careful not to overdo it, you don’t want to look like a construction worker or a 80’s party. You will stop traffic… NOT in a good way, more like “hey, look at that flashing ufo there” kind of way. An example for overdoing is wearing a neon dress with neon shoes and accessorized with neon accessories. Even in that sentence we were overdoing neon. 😛 So how do we be bold without overdoing it, simple match neon jeans or skirt with a white or light and plain blouse, match with semi-neon and neon accessories (as shown above). If you want to wear a neon dress (which is already bold by itself) match it with semi-neon accessories (for example a clutch with neon detailing) and some classic black heels.

2. Add neon accents! A pop of neon

If you’re reluctant to go bold, adding pops of neon is a perfect way to try the trend. These neon accents add fun and colour to a once boring outfit. Take the outfit above as an example. Without the neons its just a chic but very boring and bland white knit with blue boyfriend jeans. You can see by adding the pink neon necklace and bangle it adds more ‘life’ into the once boring outfit. Add neon heels (that are not over the top, with just a little bit of neon) and voila you have transformed a plain outfit into something very stylish and trendy. I love what a touch of neon can do to an outfit. So go and buy yourself a neon necklace, clutch, earrings or bracelet to put a pop of neon into your outfit now!

3. Downplay It!

Still not convinced that neon is not the trend for you? Then downplay it! This means to just wear one neon thing with the normal things you wear. Downplay the neon. You can wear a neon chiffon blouse and overlay it with a knit to hide the boldness of the neon blouse. Wear with you favourite jeans, flats (or heels) and bag and you’re ready to go! This way you are  still incorporating neon into your outfit but subtly and your’re not being bright and too colourful. By downplaying the neon you are making the neon less obvious.

No one should be complaining that neon is too hard to wear or that it’s too bright. As you can see, there are many ways to wear neon depending on whatever floats your boat (that is if you’re bold, a bit shy with neon or in the middle). Go ahead and try this amazing and fun trend…I’m sure you’ll find many neon things to buy as its definitely the hottest trend right now! :) Speaking of buying and trying the neon trend, I bought my first neon item, a necklace. It’s not too bold and I can add it to an outfit more colourful

Gina Thread Wrapped Torgue from Forever New ($19.99)

Have fun and experiment with this neon trend!!

xx Julia Donnarie

(*NOTE i made all these collages by myself and styled these outfits using polyvore. To find out the details of each outfit visit my polyvore page:

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