Having ‘the basics’ in your wardrobe gives you countless outfit options with only a few core pieces. Another plus is that basics will still look great despite the various trends that come and go. Abby and I decided to make a video on what we think are core pieces for a summer wardrobe that you can just keep rotating over and over again. Hope you enjoy the video! Read more to see why we chose these various pieces…


SUMMER BASICS_denim dreamsDENIM SKIRT AND SHORTS: An obvious must/basic for summer is denim. Seriously, what is summer without a good pair of denim shorts. Denim shorts bring a casual and relaxed vibe to any summer outfit and it will pair with (almost) anything. They are perfect for beach days or just relaxing on a summers day. When looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts for you, be sure it fits your body right and that you are comfortable with it. Since I couldn’t find the perfect denim shorts for me, I decided to make my own (tutorial here). An alternate way to bring in denim into your summer wardrobe is a denim skirt. Denim skirts have been coming back since last year and I love it. It is still is relaxed and casual but slightly more feminine. You can pair your denim skirt with a flowy blouse or a cropped top.  It’s great for that perfect, casual summer outfit.

CLASSIC BUTTON UP AND WHITE TEE:The button up and white t-shirt shown above in the outfits are definite wardrobe basics despite the season. They are great to layer with in the colder months and great to wear in the warmer months to look effortlessly chic. Also, these two pieces are incredibly versatile as it can be effortlessly incorporated in night, day, casual or fancy looks. It can also be paired with anything you have sitting in your wardrobe. So my advice, invest in a great white t-shirt and a classic button up. These classic pieces are (in my opinion) one of the most important basics to have in a wardrobe.



MAXI SKIRT AND DRESS: Another style that I think are great basic pieces for the summer is a beautiful maxi skirt and dress. These pieces give a feminine, relaxed and bohemian vibe. The thing I love about maxi-style pieces, is that it looks effortlessly stylish and put-together (if you get what I mean). You just ‘throw’ on a maxi dress or skirt and instantly look amazing. There are many styles, colours and patters of maxi dresses to chose from. Be sure to pick one that flatter your body. For example if you are petite, go for a maxi dress with a higher waistline to elongate your body further (think empire waist).

The maxi can be easily transformed from day to night. Add appropriate accessories and go for  a more glammed makeup look to make it ready for the night time. The key for having a perfect maxi/maxi skirt as a summer basic is to keep it simple and minimalistic.

STRAPPY SINGLET: One of my closet items that i love is this black strappy singlet from Cotton On. I love the lightweight fabric and flattering fit of the top. Plus it is super versatile and can be worn with literally everything. It’s classic style and comfort has definitely made it as one of my most worn pieces in my wardrobe. Therefore, I highly recommend you to go find a simple strappy singlet to add to your summer basics.


SUMMER BASICS_the playsuit

THE FUN AND BASIC PLAYSUIT: The playsuit is a great piece to have as a summer basic. if you are not bothered to wear a dress or skirt but think shorts and a singlet is too casual, a playsuit is the perfect alternative for you. Playsuits are perfect from beach days to dinners. There are two types of playsuits that can form your summer basics – a fun playsuit and a plain basic playsuit.

The fun playsuit is something that is a bit out there but it can still be used for various events/occasions. Some examples of a fun play suit can be a lace one, ombre one (as shown above) or a simple patterned one. The basic playsuit is something more minimalist and plain. With a basic playsuit, look for something with a flattering and classic silhouette, something with a more neutral colour (like black, white or beige) and something that is comfortable. You can easily throw on a blazer and the playsuit will be perfect for a night out or pair them with sandals and a satchel for a great day look.

DENIM BUTTON UP: The denim button up is a great outerwear piece for the summer. You can put it over a simple t-shirt or your swimsuit at the beach. You can also wear it buttoned up with shorts or a skirt. I love the casual and relaxed look it gives to an outfit.

SUMMER BASICS_dress it up

CROP TOP AND TUBE SKIRT: The crop top is very versatile and great for summer. You can wear it with high waisted shorts or wear it with a skirt. A great idea is to pair it with a matching tube, pencil or midi skirt to make it a beautiful ‘dressed-up’ look. The style of showing part of your midriff has been quite popular with most celebrities and trendsetters adopting the style.

The crop top is also suitable to wear under tops that might have a low arm hole or is sheer. Just remember to keep it tasteful and not trashy. In my opinion, wear a crop so that only a part of your midriff is showing not you whole stomach! The tube skirt is also a valuable piece for you summer basics. It is a versatile and comfortable piece that will pair with almost anything.

FEMININE DRESS AND WHITE BLAZER: A feminine dress is perfect for either a relaxed picnic with friends or for more important occasions such as dinners, christenings and various parties. The feminine and flowy silhouette creates a relaxed yet sophisticated look. I love this feminine dress as it has a great silhouette and a simple, monochrome pattern that is versatile and easy to style.

The white blazer is a great alternative to the traditional black blazer. It brings more light into the outfit, making it perfect for summer. It still has that sophistication and elegance of a black blazer. It is something unique yet classic and you can wear it all year long.



SUMMER SANDALS: I practically live in sandals during the summer. I find them comfortable and stylish. I especially love these snakeskin ones from Windsor Smith. Sandals are great to pair with almost every summer outfit. And there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from to find the ones that you love the best. For me i love the simple, ankle strap sandals.

SNEAKERS: Sneakers are an important piece for your summer basics. They can be worn on days where you would expect a little bit more walking than usual or any other day in fact. I love these white converse as it can be easily paired with most of my outfits. I like the simple design and its comfort. Another type of sneakers I like is slip ons. I enjoy not having the effort of doing up shoe laces every time. Sneakers help to tie together a great casual summer look.


SIMPLE HEELS AND CUT-OUT HEELS:  You have probably seen these simple strappy heels on every fashion blogger. it’s simple and minimalistic design makes it perfect for any dressed-up look. It is great at elongating your legs and to create a beautiful feminine silhouette. I highly recommend this style of heels.

If you want a more unique and fun style, go for something with more detail like these cut out heels. The laser cut outs create a beautiful design that doesn’t overwhelmed the simplicity of the shoe. For  a basic ‘fun’ heel, don’t get heels that are overwhelmed by colours an embellishments. The more simple, the better.

I hope you enjoyed the video and blog post and found it helpful!

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xx Julia Donnarie

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