It is that time of the year.  I had to sadly say goodbye to winter (my favourite season) and say hello to SPRING where the weather is not too cold or too hot, it’s perfect weather. With this perfect weather, it is sometimes hard to figure out what to wear. Do you know what I mean? You have no idea if its too cold to wear shorts or to hot to wear jeans. Ah first world fashion problems 😛 Also, what do you do with your winter clothes that you absolutely love?  Well here I am, to help you do just that. Even if it’s a new season, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a new wardrobe. Just simply take what you have and remix it to suit the spring season. Here are the top 3 trends (in my opinion) of winter that have been remixed to suit spring.

1. The Dark Jeans

The dark jeans is an absolute essential for the winter. It can be either a dark denim or black. The reason why the dark jeans is an essential for your winter wardrobe is because you can wear it with literally ANYTHING. Casual to a more dressed up look, going to the movies to shopping in the city, date nights to just running errands, you name it… the dark jeans is perfect for any of these occasions. But wait there’s more 😛 The dark jeans is not only for winter, you can wear it in any season.

Dark Jeans in the WinterIn winter, we tend to not be very colourful and usually stick to one colour scheme (e.g. all brown unlike in spring we add pops of colour). Dark jeans will generally be worn with dark colours. In this outfit I matched it up with a brown jumper (also an essential for winter), big warm black coat and boats with a tribal print detailing on it. This outfit is very casual and was probably one of the the ‘looks’ most people dressed like, during the winter. Now let’s keep the same jeans and mix it up with other pieces to make it spring-ready…

Dark Jeans in Spring

Same jeans, different outfit and different season. Since the dark jeans is obviously dark and could look stiff and heavy, the key into rocking these in the winter is to match it with lightweight fabrics (e.g. chiffon, blouses) and light colours.  Spring is a  time for colours so, add a pop of colour in either your purse, accessories or makeup to further brighten up the outfit (but don’t go to overboard). Finish off with a neutral patent wedge (spring essential) and simple gold jewellery. This look feels more refreshing that the winter one and is perfect for spring. The important thing is to get the right fit and to match it with the right colours and textures to suit the season.

2. The Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have always been a must for winter because they’re chic and incredibly versatile. They’ll pair well with anything from dresses to skinny jeans. Wear them with skirts and bare legs, skirts and tights and my favourite wear them with skinny jeans. Whether you are a chic and stylish girl or a casual girl or any other girl you are, there will be an ankle boots to suit you taste and  personal style. And when you find that perfect pair of ankle books you will soon realise that you can wear them all year long.

Ankle Boots in WinterAnkle boots and skinny jeans, you can never go wrong with that combination. Skinny jeans tucked into your ankle books creates a sleek look. Try to steer away from the all black outfit and wear with a light wash denim jean (especially if your boots are light in colour like these ones). Pairing dark boots with light jeans and light boots with dark jeans may look too contrasting and harsh to stick with similar tones to balance out the overall outfit. The khaki leather jacket adds a bit of edge to the look. Match with a classic striped top or knitted jumper and finish off with a scarf of your choice (don’t be afraid to mix prints or add colour). Also in winter, wear your ankle boots with stockings and a dress or a skirt to make a more dressy outfit for going out. Lets take the same ankle boots to spring…

Ankle Boots in SpringNow wear those ankle boots for spring! Match with shorts, skirts or dresses to suit the warmer weather. Once again try to wear soft colours and lightweight fabrics to make the outfit more relaxed and ready for spring. Since the leather shorts look heavy and dark, i matched it with a lightweight sleeveless white top. Add colour ro your outfit in your accessories to brighten and freshen the look up. Be sure to wear something that matched the colour of you ankle boots to balance out the outfit. See how easy it is to wear this ankle boots from winter to spring.

3. The Peplum

You probably have seen the peplum everywhere especially during the winter. It was one of the most popular trends and is still is for the spring. Almost every store I went into had many peplum style clothing. For those who don’t know what peplum is, according to google its  “a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse.” it can also be on tops and skirts. The peplum creates an illusion of a smaller waist as the fabric flares out at the waist. It gives you something like an hourglass silhouette, so it’s a very flattering piece.

Peplum in Winter

Wearing peplum (especially in winter) makes the outfit look so sophisticated and chic. In this outfit i have paired it with simple black jeans and pointy black heels. Wearing tweed instantly makes any outfit look sophisticated. As you can see I have only used the colours black and white. These colours are very popular in the winter but is really bland and quite boring. The secret to spice up a black and white outfit is to mix and match with different textures (tip for next winter), this goes for any colour. This look is quite dark but chic. Let’s add colours to make it perfect for spring…

Peplum in Spring

Floral is probably the number one spring trend I decided to to match the same white peplum top with floral jeans. With just the jeans, the outfit already looks very colourful and very appropriate for spring. Since the jeans are already busy, only focus on one colour to accessories (preferably one of the colours on the jeans). With this outfit i used orange, yes i know orange is not part of the jeans but I seemed like it complimented the colours of the jeans well. I kept it simple by only using a necklace and finished off the look with crisp and clean white sandals and a bag with the same colour as the necklace. Since it’s spring you can wear your favourite peplum shirt but without a cardigan, jacket or coat. By adding floral to your outfit it will make it look more refreshing and new, the feelings you get in spring.

So there were a few ways on how the winter trends could be transformed to suit spring. There are many more winter clothes you can still use in the spring, so be creative and mix and match them up. Discover how versatile your clothes can be. Have fun!

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xoxo Julia Donnarie

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