USA Photo Diary

Here is the first part of my USA photo diary. I figured that since I have an excessive amount of New York photos I’m going to divide my USA photos to two different parts: Minnesota/Indiana and New York.

The main reason why I actually got the opportunity to travel is because my team (from school) won a national competition and was invited to compete in the international competition in Bloomington, Indiana (woo! nerd alert). I travelled to America with 8 of my team mates and some teachers for 2 weeks. Here is a brief summary and some pictures of my experiences in both Minnesota and Indiana…


After a long 14 hour flight, we reached LAX airport. I couldn’t believe I was actually in America, it was a dream come true. Unfortunately we were stranded at the airport for 6 hours and had nothing else to do but to sleep on the airport floor. We got some strange looks from people, but you can’t blame us for being tired after that long flight 😛


We reached Minnesota ( City of 1000 lakes) and dropped dead. It was such a long day and we experienced two 31st of May. You’re probably wondering, why were you in Minnesota out of all the tourist-y places in USA? Well, we were here to stay with a family for about a week to experience the ‘american-life’. Here is Minnesota we visited Mall of America, did lots of shopping, visited an American high school and overall had such a great time with our family. This was also the first time we visited ‘iconic’ American stores, like forever 21, walmart (hehe), Victoria Secret, Super Target and so much more. I had an amazing time in Minnesota and will cherish all the friends and memories I have made there.

Mall of America DSC00161^^ mall of America and my new love Forever 21

Minnesota Love

After all that Minnesota madness, we headed over to Indiana for the competition. Since the competition was held at Indiana University, all the participants lived in the dorms. . There was over 3 000 other students from lots of different countries. We made lots of new friends from different places. Meeting so many people from so many places in the world was amazing. The campus was absolutely beautiful. I loved walking around the (giant) campus and seeing all the beautiful buildings.  The competition was about 4 days long but it was worth it because … my team came 1st in our division. So you can pretty much say I am a world champion :P. This competition was an experience of a lifetime. I’m so proud of my team and so glad I was able to compete at the Internationals and meet many new friends.


^^ Aussie Pride

Indiana University


DSC00458I hope you enjoyed the brief summary and photo diary of my experiences in Minnesota and Indiana. Stay tuned for the New York photo diary!

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xx Julia Donnarie


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