Top: Black Lace Top/Skirt: Black Skater Skirt/Shoes: Black Leather Ankle Boots with Stud Detail/ Clutch/Wallet: Oversized Hot Pink Kate Hill Wallet/ Necklace: Gold Statement Necklace with Spikes and Neon Pink detail/ Rings: Black and Gold Spike Rings

A few nights ago, my friends and I had a girls night out. We had dinner at the local Italian restaurant, had ice-cream, went to the cheesy Japanese photo booth and just walked around the shops. It was really great to go out with friends and we ate at an actual restaurant instead of the food court :) I must admit, I felt pretty grown up :P. Overall it was a fun night and it was nice to have dinner together.

This outfit is pretty dressy. I matched this all black outfit with bright pink accessories to make the outfit more lively and interesting. Note to self, don’t wear heeled boots when you are walking around a shopping mall :P, it’s good for dinner and ice-cream but after 1-2 hours after walking around, my feet were killing me :)


Gotta love Japanese photo booths :P
Gotta love Japanese photo booths 😛

Good Job to my little brother Josh for taking the pictures for me 😛

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