I like to think the the block heel is a combination between wedges and heels. It still has the streamline structure of a heel but with the similar stability of the wedge. For those of you who are not familiar of what a block heel is, it’s a style of heel that is quite thick heel, kind of resembling a block, hence why it is called a block heel. I love that this type of heel is  versatile and can be worn for day activities and night outs. These shoes are effortlessly chic yet very comfortable


For a day look simply pair your block heels with jeans and a simple tee or a cute sundress. For a more dressed up look, go for more structured pieces (such as pencil skirts) or an elegant dress.  These are good types of shoes to invest in as they are suitable for almost any occasion and they are a classic style that most likely won’t get outdated. Plus the block heel is one of the rising trends in spring/summer fashion, so it’s pretty easy to find them in stores. I recommend making a nude or black block heel of of your shoe staple/basic.

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Find your block heels here:

Hope you have a great weekend!

xx Julia Donnarie

note: these are not my photos. the set of outfits are made by me, for more details visit my polyvore 

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