New hair for the new year!! I wanted to do something to my hair for the new year so i decided to colour it (since i have never coloured my hair before). So i decided to ombre my hair and i love love love it soooo much!! I’ve wanted to ombre my hair for a long time now and i finally got the time and the courage to do it. I must admit was (really) nervous for it. I constantly asked myself “What if i go too blonde?”, “What if it looks really bad?”, “What if it’s really uneven?”… countless what ifs. But i followed my motto of 20 seconds of courage and i went for it. I must tell you I’m so glad I did it. And thank you so so much to Lieza and Abby for doing my hair! Also I did Lieza’s Hair so check out her blog for pictures. :)


So here are a few details about my “ombre experience”

The Bleach/Dye I used: Schwarzkopt Nordic Blonde Ultimate Lightener L1 +

So pretty much what we did was section the hair into layers. On the first layer we got sections of hair and then we teased on top of the how much we wanted to colour (if that makes sense). By teasing it, you will end up with a more natural and blended look when you brush it out. Apply the dye/bleach under that teased area and foil it nice and flat. We did this for the rest of the hair. Once done, we rinsed and conditioned it like what the package said. Blow dry, style and voila… you’re done!


We did have a few  mishaps along the way but lets just say i looked like a tiger at some stage 😛 But overall it was a really good to be able to do it in the comfort of a home and by people you really trust :)


If you have any questions feel free to comment below :)


xx Julia Donnarie


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    waiting for the new update…..

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    ur my fav fashion blog keep up the amazing work gal!! 😉

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      aww your so sweet 😛

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    you havent posted in a while. i’m excited to see the next post!!!!

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