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I’m one of those people who love changing their phone cases but I am also one of those people who hates spending $20 on a phone case. So instead, I make my own. This washi tape phone case is super easy, quick and inexpensive. In total I only spent $3.60 of this phone case. To find out how to make it, keep reading.

In this DIY you will need:

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Washi tape is originated from Japan and is made from natural fibres. It can be found at local craft stores. I buy my washi tape at Pavement (it is currently on sale for $1 woo). Washi tape comes in so many types of colours and patterns and it can be used for many other craft projects. I bought the clear phone case from Daiso.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Start covering your phone case with your tape by placing vertical strips down the outside of the back of the case.  Make sure there is excess tape hanging off the sides of the case.

PHONE CASE DIY_Cover phone.jpg2. Continue of cover the case , making sure to align the pattern of the tape

PHONE CASE DIY_covered phone.jpg

3. Using an exacto knife, trim off the excess tape

PHONE CASE DIY_cute excess

4. Don’t forget the camera hole

PHONE CASE DIY_camera hole.jpg

5. Once everything is cut out and trimmed, seal using modge podge, pva glue or any other sealant.



PHONE CASE DIY_done.jpg.jpg

So there you have a cute phone case that only is budget friendly. What’s great about washi tape cases is that you can keep on making numerous cases using the various designs of washi tape.

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