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If you want a cute and fun way to accessorise bags, key rings and pretty much anything, tassels are the way to go. Tassels add fun and interest to any product. Although tassels in some stores are actually quite pricey (which i don’t get because they are tiny), so I thought ‘why not make my own?’. It turns out that making tassels are super easy and super fun.

In this DIY you will need…

DIY TASSEL_things you will need.jpgLet’s get started…

1. Measure out a rectangle on your pleather/leather with the dimensions of your choice. I decided to measure a 8cm x 15cm rectangle. Once you have your rectangle drawn, draw another line 1.5cm from the top of the rectangle.

DIY TASSEL_measure rectangle.jpg

2. Cut your rectangle out

DIY TASSEL_cut triangle collage.jpg

3. Cut vertical strips across the rectangle up to the 1.5cm line. You can measure the strips out but I just decided to estimate 5mm to save some time.

DIY TASSEL_cut slits.jpg

4. With the excess pleather/leather cut a thin strip. Using a hot glue gun, attach one side of the strip then glue the other side on top of the other side forming a loop. This will be the loop where your key ring will attach to.

DIY TASSEL_glue small piece.jpg

5. Create a line of hot glue halfway across the top of the rectangle. Roll the rectangle as tightly as possible.

DIY TASSEL_glue half way.jpg

6. Glue the rest of the way and continue to roll.

DIY TASSEL_keep roll.jpg

7. Using a jump ring or simply opening a link in the key ring, hook the loop onto it and then close the jump ring/link using pliers.

DIY TASSEL_attach keyring.jpg

8. and YOU’RE DONE!

DIY TASSEL_done.jpg


So there you have it, a cute DIY tassel keyring. Try different colours or even add embellishments to make it more personalised.

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Have fun lovelies

xx Julia Donnarie

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