Lipstick is definitely one of my favourite beauty products. It has the power to completely change up a look and also bring so much confidence to oneself. For me personally, with a good lip, I feel really good and ready to take over the world. I am a big fan of bold and dark lipstick colours as oppose to light and nude colours. ANYONE can pull off these dark/bold colours, so I encourage you all to try it! You might surprise yourself and fall in love with the deep and dark colours i love.

These are my top 4 lipsticks that I adore and love. Not only do I love the colours, but also the texture and application. These lipsticks last and feel great on. I wear each of these colours for practically any occasion from a casual lunch date to a special event.

So let’s get started and let me introduce you to my faves….

1. MAC Matte Lipstick in STRANGE JOURNEY – limited edition (sold out)

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This is my perfect red lipstick. After trying out many many brands and types of red lipsticks I have finally found the one which I feel is perfect for me. The orange undertone of the lipstick really complements the warm undertones of my skin. I love that this lipstick is matte and that it definitely does not dry out my lips. I wore this lipstick for my formal and found that it lasted through the night.  I wear this lipstick for whenever i want to feel classic, feminine and elegant. I believe you can wear red lip whenever and wherever you want! It is a classic and timeless colour that should absolutely be part of your own lipstick collection. But remember to keep in mind your skin’s undertone when picking out your red lipstick.

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2. Bite Beauty Matte Lip Creme Crayon in COGNAC ($34 Sephora)

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Brown lipstick is back from the 90s and I love it. It gives your makeup look drama and edge. After seeing many beauty lovers on instagram and other social media incorporate brown lipsticks into their look I got curious and decided I wanted to give it a go. I impulsively bought this lip crayon from Sephora and didn’t realise how dark it it. I was planning to go for a more lighter brown rather than a dark chocolate colour but nevertheless I fell in love with this deep brown. Once again, I chose a brown that had a little red in it and a warm undertone to complement my skin. I love the texture of lip crayon because it is matte but not drying. It lasts for long periods of time and it is super easy to apply because of it’s slim packaging. I wear this lipstick for an everyday look if I want something bold or for a night time event. I think it’s a beautiful versatile product that is definitely worth the money! Bite Beauty also has many different colours of the matte lip crayon, so check it out and find your perfect brown.

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3. L’oreal Color Riche in TRANSPARENT GARNET 97 (similar: $21.95 Priceline)

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This is the closest thing I have to a nude lipstick. I wear this lipstick literally everyday if I am not wearing a bolder colour. It is kind of like a lighter version of the bite beauty lip crayon so it is the perfect colour/undertone for my skin. When you see the actual lipstick it looks dark but it  actually quite sheer when you apply it. I love the soft red/brown colour is creates. It’s just so pretty and I am obsessed. It has super soft, balm-like texture and a bit of a glossy finish that makes it great for everyday wear. This is my go to lipstick is if want a lighter, nude colour.

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4. Rimmel Matte Lipstick By Kate in 107 ($12.95 Priceline)

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This lipstick is the first bold/dark lipstick I ever bought. This is what started my love for darker colours. It is a beautiful dark plum colour from the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection. I really love this line of lipsticks, all the colours and the texture is great. As you can probably see, this lipstick is close to its end as I wore this to death particularly in 2013. I think the colour is pretty easy to incorporate no matter what season it is. For example, in the summer, this lip colour is a perfect pop and contrast to a predominately white outfit and cute sandals. For winter, just pair this lipstick with your fave winter outfit. I still love wearing this lipstick as it has a great texture, matte finish and beautiful colour. I will definitely need to go buy another very soon!

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hope you enjoyed this post! hopefully you will be inspired to try dark lipsticks if you have not yet done so!

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tilll next time!

xx Julia Donnarie


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    I love this post! The lipstick colours are amazing xx

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