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Boots are my number 1 must have for the colder seasons. They keep you warm, they come in all different styles and they look great for any autumn/winter outfit. I believe that you really only need 3 types/styles of boots for your autumn/winter wardrobe. With these 3 styles of boots, I ensure that you will be set for not only this upcoming season but for many seasons to come.

1. The Everyday Boot

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An everyday boot is something that is comfortable and can be easily worn on a day to day basis. Your everyday boot depends on your personal style. If you are a bit more edgy, go for a combat boot or if you have a more girly style opt for something with feminine qualities. Make sure that your everyday boot is super comfortable and versatile so you can wear them with any outfit. My dream everyday boot is the pair in the middle outfit (shown below). They have a low and comfortable heel and it is in a colour that goes with almost every outfit.


2. The Fancy Boot


During the colder seasons it is not practical to wear strappy sandals or heels because of the freezing weather. Instead opt for a ‘fancy boot’. A fancy boot is a type of boot that can be worn for more dressed-up/fancy occasions. Look for a fancy boot with a heel and some sort of embellishment (see middle outfit. Or opt for something with simple, elegant and clean lines (see outfit on left). The fancy boot can be easily be worn with skirts, dresses, or jeans. When finding you fancy boot, look for something that elongates your legs and doesn’t cut you off. The fancy boot will create a sophisticated and stylish outfit while still keeping you warm and dressed appropriately for the weather. Pair your fancy boots with stockings if you wish for more warmth.


3. The Knee High Boot

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The final boot that is a wardrobe must for the upcoming season is the knee-high boot. Knee high boots provide comfort, warmth and style. They can make any outfit look more ‘put together’ and they are so easy to pair with. Tuck your jeans inside them or wear them with a skirt or dress. You can also wear them with stockings or knee high socks. I also love how you can wear knee high boots even if its pouring. They will keep you feet dry and warm. When buying you pair of knee high boots, be sure to stick to basic colours (e.g. tan. black) to increase versatility and don’t be afraid to splurge a bit. A good quality pair of knee high boots will last you (practically) forever. Oh and make sure that they are super comfortable.

CaptureSo there are the top 3 types of boots that I think are an essential this autumn/winter. Hope you found this post helpful and enjoyable.

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